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Editorials council: Volodymyr Tretiak (left), Andrew M. Zamoroka (cetre) and Ruslan Zhyrak (right)

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It’s time to discover the world!


‘Stanislavskyy naturalist’ is an attempt to discover the world for those who think outside the box. It is an attempt to explore wilderness and world of unlimited opportunities to the mankind; the world of the immensely large and the world of the infinitely small, the world full of rich colours and perplexing mysteries… We offer to step out of everyday urban framework and look around.


We plea to walk off of the numbness of paved streets and get away from the callous look of the city hall square overlooking all contemporary city buildings. We call to rush to the emerald Carpathian Mountains, lush tropical forests at the heart of Africa, or a remote but astounding coral world of Oceania… We will talk about most incredible places on Earth you should see, exotic and so vaguely familiar plant and animal species; we will discuss everything that interests and engages you. Keep yourself up to date on the latest climate change with our magazine. What to expect tomorrow: global warming or a new ice age? Why tropical rainforests are disappearing? Is restitution of extinct species possible? All that and so much more you will find on our portal. It’s time to discover the world!

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